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Math 567: Abstract Algebra II

This is the second semester of an an introductory graduate-level course on abstract algebra. Having covered groups, rings, and vector spaces in 566, the goal of this semester’s class is to discuss the theory, uses, and applications of modules and fields.


For more details, see the Course Syllabus.


The textbook series for the course is Algebra (2nd ed) by Michael Artin.

Coming to class is important - some of the material covered in class will not be found in the textbook. The final exam and homework may feature some of these topics as well.

Office hours

My office is Weber 125, near the tea room. Come find me:


The homework will be posted here as the course progresses.

Homework 1. Due Jan 28 in class.

Homework 2. Due Feb 4 in class. (Moved to Monday, Feb 7 due to the snow day.)

Homework 3. Due Feb 11 in class.

Homework 4. Due Feb 18 in class.

Homework 5. Due Feb 25 in class.

Homework 6. Due Mar 4 in class.

Homework 7. Due Mar 11 in class.

Homework 8. Due Mar 25 in class.

Homework 9. Due Apr 1 in class.

Homework 10. Due Apr 8 in class.

Homework 11. Due Apr 15 in class.

Homework 12. Due Apr 22 in class.

Homework 13. Due Apr 29 in class.

Homework 14. Due May 6 in class.


Each student will give three homework presentations; see the Syllabus for details.

Final Exam

The final exam for this course will also count as the Algebra II qualifier. It will be on May 11 at 7:30-9:30 AM.


Grades will be posted on Canvas, which is pretty much the only thing Canvas will be used for.