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Math 108, Spring 2019: Introduction to Abstract Mathematics

In this course we introduce the rigorous foundations of abstract mathematics. In particular, we will cover formal logic and natural deduction, methods of proof such as induction and contradiction in practice, set theory and functions, bijections and cardinality, combinatorial proofs, and the basics of abstract algebra (groups, rings, and fields).

For more information, see the Course Syllabus.

The textbook for the course is A Transition to Advanced Mathematics, 8th Ed., by Eggen, Smith, St. Andre. However, the course will also be following some of the material in the following lecture notes:

Supplementary Lecture Notes

Induction example

Set theory examples

Function examples

Office hours:


Homework assignments will be posted here as the course progresses.

Homework 1 - Due Apr. 5 - Solutions

Homework 2 - Due Apr. 12 - Solutions

Homework 3 - Due Apr. 19 - Solutions

Homework 4 - Due Apr. 26 - Solutions

Homework 5 - Not handed in; study for Midterm 1! - Solutions

Homework 6 - Due May 10 - Solutions

Homework 7 - Due May 17 - Solutions

Homework 8 - Due May 24 - Solutions

Homework 9 - Due May 31

Homework 10 - - Solutions


There will be one midterm and one final exam. See the syllabus for more details, and check back here for practice problems as the exam dates approach.

Practice Midterm


Midterm with Solutions

Practice Final - Solutions

Solutions from Fall 17 Practice Final

Final exam schedule

Monday, June 10, 8:00-10:00 AM, locations TBA